Welcome to our Guardian Newsletter

Header imageHello and a warm welcome to 2015. As armed guards and razor wire fall further out of favour due to campaigns for crew safety and legal restraints on the transiting of armed men across international waters, GUARDIAN™ is coming more to the forefront of security officer’s minds as they look to protect their crews and cargoes.

2014 was a very productive year – we have confirmed GUARDIAN will stand up to sub-zero temperatures, which opens many more opportunities for the application of GUARDIAN. In addition we launched GUARDIAN Greenwater and new unit designs for rig installations. We also signed a distribution agreement with Sinwa and Mares Shipping to push Guardian to the forefront of anti-piracy globally.

There are a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, with enquiries from two high profile companies to protect drill shops deployed to the Arctic, and a large insurer to potentially fit GUARDIAN and therefore offer savings for clients that do so. We are also looking into GUARDIAN being flag state approved after a request from a leading company in the sector.
We are very pleased to have been approached by Seavision to help promote maritime industry employment as part of a week-long interactive programme at Wyvern College in Hampshire, which is something we are very much looking forward to being part of.